Momma Mia! It’s Mother’s Day!

The Souzapalooza Blog would like to wish all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day, especially the mothers who have influenced my life.

My Mom

who brought me in to this crazy world, and has done her best to help my sister and I to become the well adjusted women we are today (and I just realized that this historic photo may be the source of headwear fetish…look at that bonnet I am wearing!).

My Stepmom

who in marring my dad, and got stuck with my sister, me, and the rest of the crazy Souzapalooza side of the family; we are glad to have her since she makes sure my dad stays healthy and that Ka-Ka and I are well dressed, warm footed and have latkas on Christmas

My Aunt Sweetie

who keeps us all on out toes with her zany plans to be Bret Michaels’ next Rock of Love, makes the best chocolate pudding pie in the world and is always supportive of our ideas, no matter how completely outlandish they may be

The Brain Builder

who provides all her children with the tools to succeed; although, like many moms, she often feels like there isn’t enough of her to go around some days. She is proof that women can have it all, by sustaining a successful business and a wonderful family, raising two very bright little girls with a world of potential

My Other Sister

who even with three children, always has time to host a sleep over with all six cousins or throw a party (be it for Halloween, the dog’s birthday, or celebrating Lady Gaga on the Today show) and I’ve never seen her raise her voice… unless it was at our brother!

Role Model Mom

who, if I ever have children, I hope to emulate. This amazing woman has three little boys, and now a brand new baby girl, every one of them is polite, well behaved, and well mannered. She runs a tight ship while still managing to let boys be boys…I hope their new little sister can keep up!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone


One thought on “Momma Mia! It’s Mother’s Day!”

  1. Thank you Christine! It’s so easy being your Mom, Stepmom and Aunt because you have brought such joy into our lives. I remember the minute you were born I couldn’t take the smile off my face. You have given me so many wonderful memories thru out the years..with your singing (Grandma got runned over by a reighdeer),dancing (Rocky Horror Show),quick wit (usually good zingers back to your dad) and your hugs. I just know everytime I’m with you I smile 🙂 and think to myself how did I get so lucky to have such a terrific niece! I love you with all my heart!!!! So what do you think.. Roller Derby lessons next for us?? 🙂

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