If Anyone Needs Me, I’ll Be at Lunch with Rob Lowe…

Yesterday, I spent my lunch hour with Rob Lowe. That’s right, you read correctly, I spent my lunch with Rob Lowe. Turns out, Rob was doing a book signing at the Barnes & Noble store on 5th Ave. So I walked across town, bought my copy of Stories I Tell My Friends, and got on line for an autograph. This was way more fun than my usual lunch time activity of sitting at my desk, starting at my monitor, while eating an over priced salad.

I got to the store at 12:15, bought my book and waited on the ‘Line for Lowe’. It was really interesting to see the variety of fans who had arrived for the signing. I stood between a college student who had cut one of her lectures to see her favorite West Wing character and an Asian woman who had been a fan of his work on Brothers & Sisters. I seemed to be the only person in my area that knew of some of his older work like Masquerade, Oxford Blues, or Bad Influence.

Spending my lunch hour with Rob Lowe

I have to say, when I finally made my way to the front of the line, I was blown away by how truly handsome Mr. Lowe is. He was wearing a powder blue button down shirt paired with a Navy vest. He has a very slight build and his hair is showing a little more salt than pepper along the sides these days, but he still has a baby face and piercing blue eyes that froze me for a second when my gaze met them. I imagine, looking at him in his younger days may have been the equivalent of looking directly in to the sun; between the radiant smile, sun-kissed skin, and those amazing blue eyes flashing at fans, I am sure some girls went blind! And yes, when I gained my composure, I did tell him that I too played the role of Sodapop in The Outsiders. (Although his role was in a major motion picture and mine was in my middle school production, but that was beside the point!)

I started reading his book on my train ride home. It is very well written. I’m only about 3 chapters in, but I like what I am reading. With in the third chapter, Young Rob Lowe has found his passion for acting, and fondly recalls meeting Liza Minnelli and Jack Haley Jr. (her husband at the time) when he is 10 years old. To quote from his book: “The effect famous people can have on other people’s lives is not to be underestimated. They can inspire us with their talent, make us feel like kings with their kindness, with a hello, a hand shake, or an autograph. … the true stars understand that. Liza Minnelli certainly did.” 

Well Rob Lowe, your kindness, hello, and autograph certainly made me feel like a queen today. You are a true star as well!

Autographed Title Page by Rob Lowe - Stories I Only Tell My Friends

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