Stephanie Ackerman Designs

On this blog, I make it a point to give credit where credit is due. I make sure that all photos, and videos are properly attributed to their rightful artist. I’ve seen some bloggers just take people’s work and throw it up on their site as if it belongs to them. Although it is waaaay easier to use copyrighted material and/or not attribute the work to the proper artist, I think it is wrong.

Long story short, I was reading through my Google Reader, and stumbled on some artwork that looked similar to art I used in Saturday’s blog post, Could It Be I’m Falling In Love…. I visited the site that the blogger had properly attributed and emailed the artist, asking if it was hers. Turns out the image I used did in fact belong to Stephanie Ackerman of Stephanie Ackerman Designs.

I have since corrected the attribution on my post, and wanted to make sure to give her recognition here on my blog. In addition, I wanted to provide links to her website and blog, so everyone could see the cool stuff she has. I really love her “Doodles” (as she refers to them). Wonderful quotes and simple sayings beautifully illustrated with her colors and designs. So if you need a little inspiration, go visit Stephanie’s sites :


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