Girl Power on Wheels

This past Saturday, my sister, my friend “Nicknameless” (no really, that is her nickname, she has commented here under that pseudonym), and I went to the Suburbia Roller Derby. If you’ve never been to a Roller Derby, it is AWESOME! You have to find one near you because to see it up close is amazing.

Jammer - "AWOL #30 ft. fall" - Suburban Brawl

Here is how Roller Derby works: you have two teams, each has a set of four blockers and a jammer. (Ten people on the track at a time). The two sets of blockers travel in a pack. They play both offense, by helping their jammer get ahead of the pack and defense, by blocking the other team’s jammer from getting ahead of the pack. The jammer wears a star on her helmet, and can score points by passing the blockers on the opposing team.

This weekend we saw a double-header of the Suburban Brawl (the home team) vs Port Authorities (Maine’s Roller Derby team) followed by Backyard Bullies (the ‘B’ home team) vs Calamity Janes (Maine). The teams are part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA); this is the home team’s third season. According to the 2011 Spring Season Program for Suburbia Roller Derby, there are “approximately 50 league members, with two classes of Fresh Meat training their way to league membership”

Blockers - Organic Panic (l) & Pony Girl (r) - Suburban Brawl

These women are truly bad ass. They are quick, agile, and can take a hit, get up, and hit back even harder. It was amazing to watch and actually made me feel empowered. Seeing them working together to protect their jammer, pushing themselves jam after jam, and getting up after every fall (and some of them were HARD falls) really inspired me. In addition, I loved the fact that there were so many young girls in the crowd watching and cheering on this new breed of role model. Yippee for Girl Power!

I don’t know how to skate, so I will have to live vicariously thru the ladies of the Suburban Brawl team. If you are interested in learning more about the team visit their website –

Have you ever seen live Roller Derby? Does anyone play on a league? 


6 thoughts on “Girl Power on Wheels”

    1. Yes it is great, and was directed by my favorite Drew Barrymore! I read in the Suburbia Program that Whip It was loosely based on the formation of the WFTDA

  1. Thanks for coming and for the great write-up! And you should totally pick up a pair of skates and start skating. You’d be surprised how many women play derby who had no prior skating experience. It’s never too late! 🙂 – The Deviant Unicorn, Backyard Bullies #10-4

    1. That is very encouraging…I might have to consider it. I’ll be back again on the 21st to watch the next match, so at the very least if I can’t be an athlete I can be an athletic supporter! 😉

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