Sing it Sister!

Let me just say up front, I CAN NOT sing. I am completely tone-deaf and could not carry a tune if you gave it to me in a bucket. I’m always surprised that my friends don’t kick me out of the car when I sing along with the radio. I know a lot of people sing in the shower, I am not one of them. I do my best thinking in the shower, so I have no time for show tunes or power ballads while I lather, rinse and repeat. However, there are certain songs that just need to be belted out now and then. I realized this the other night….

I swear there were dogs howling....

I was training for my 1/2 marathon (2.6 miles… not terrible for Week 2 Day 1 of the Couch to 10K program), when I had a sudden realization that as I was walking my cool down lap, I was singing OUT LOUD  to my iPod! Thankfully, the men’s softball games that usually occupy the park in the evenings had been canceled do to a flooded outfield, and most of the other walkers and runners weren’t close enough to hear my “singing” (I swear I heard a few howling dogs in the distance though).

So, inspired by my embarrassment, today I bring you…

Souzapalooza’s Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Sing-A-Long Songs:

(If you don’t know the song, click on the hyper links and it will take you to a video for it)

#10) – Laid – James This bed is on fire with passion and love…. Now you may not know all the words to this one, but everyone sings along with the “Ah you think you’re so PRRREEEEETTTTTTYYYYYY” when it shows up

#9) – Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes – The thing that gets you hooked with this song is the interjected drum beats between lyrics, first you start clapping, then you start singing….”Let me go OOOOONNNNN like I blister in the sun, Let me go OOOOONNNN big hands, I know you’re the one”

#8) – Centerfold – J. Geils Band – You know how Angel became a Centerfold? She got hooked on the chorus of this song! Once again, it is the drum beat you can clap along with and the Nah Nahs in the chorus that suck you in to singing along

Puck (actor Mark Salling)

#7) – Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond – When Puck started his tribute to “a Jewish musical icon” on Glee in season one, I sang right along with my favorite Mohawked Badass to this guilty pleasure. “Good times never seem so good” without a little Sweet Caroline

#6) – Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani – It’s Bananas! This song is such a sing along favorite, that even Chris Rock forgets how to drive when he hears it! (this clip contains explicit language – viewer discretion is advised)

Angus Young AC/DC
#5) – You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC– Brian Johnson’s first song with AC/DC really has me shaking all night long when I hear this number. Its got great guitar work by Angus Young decked out in his school uniform.

#4) – I Love Rock & Roll – Joan Jett – I remember seeing this video on MTV as a kid and thinking that Joan Jett was soooo cool in her black leather jacket. So jukeboxes no longer take dimes, but this song still rocks!  The best thing about this song, is that you don’t really have to sing it, you can just shout it real loud! Don’t forget the YEEOOWW!

Bret Michaels

#3) – Nothin’ But a Good Time – Poison – Did you think there would be a list with out a Poison song on here? This is the best party song, so obviously it is going to be one to belt out loud, (preferably with an adult beverage in hand so you have something to toast with when you get to the break). Bret just sums it all up in one phrase, don’t need nothin’ but a good time!

#2) – Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey – According to wikipedia, this 1981 Journey hit, “has sold 4,339,000 digital units in the US, and places just outside of the top twenty best-selling digital songs of all time”, as of March 2011. It was featured in the pilot for Glee and brings down the house as the closing number for the Broadway show, Rock of Ages. Very few people can hit those high notes like Steve Perry can, however, when you hear it you can’t help but try!

And finally, the number one Souzapalooza Guilty Pleasure Sing Along Song…..

Jon Bon Jovi

#1) – Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi The anthem of Tommy and Gina, they’ve got each other, and that’s a lot! My friend Jimmy Whispers saw Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora coming out of a restaurant on Madison Ave and stopped them so he could publicly proclaim his love for Livin’ on a Prayer; to which Richie Sambora replied “Were you even alive when that song came out?” (This second single, off their debut album Slippery When Wet was released in 1986, when Whispers was 11). Regardless of age, everyone knows the words to this classic from the Jersey boys that made good. You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got….. WHHHOOOOAAA!!!

What song makes you uncontrollably sing outloud when you hear it?

Photo Credits :

  • Mark Salling – By marcore! from NYC, USA (lean back) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Angus Young – Weatherman90 at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
  • Bret Michaels – Souzapalooza
  • Jon Bon Jovi – by Roberto Ferló from Flickr photo available for download under a Creative Commons license

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