It’s getting hot in here…..

To my female readers, I hope you are sitting down….

The 2012 Calendar of Heroes is now available for purchase!

For those of you who don’t know, The Calendar of Heroes is the official FDNY calendar featuring the best of New York’s Bravest. So while you get to spend month after month drooling over the smokin’ hot firemen, the money you spent, goes towards the FDNY Foundation and fire safety education. Each month has a fun fact on fire safety to accompany the sexy fireman as well, so you learn as you lust.

Calendar of Heroes is now available

The NYC.Gov website, as well as the FDNY Foundation website, has lots of information about Fire Safety and ways you can make your home safer. (These tips are not just important for New Yorkers…EVERYONE should know them!) So when you stop drooling over cover man Firefighter Charles Mollica, go buy one!

Official 2012 Calendar of Heroes!

(you can follow Firefighter Mollica on Twitter @Cover2012  and on Facebook)

Photo Credit – Facebook NYC Hottest Firefighter Page


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