Where fantasy becomes reality…Disney Dreams by Annie Leibovitz

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I don’t know if anyone has had the opportunity, but you must see the new Disney Theme Park‘s Ad campaign shot by none other than Ms. Annie Leibovitz. The series features some of today’s hottest celebrities in scenes from Disney‘s most classic films. Some complain that the images are too computerized, but how else could you make a fantasy world a reality these days?

The series contains the following:

  • Snow White – Olivia Wilde as the Wicked Queen and Alec Baldwin as the Magic Mirror
  • Beauty and the Beast – Penelope Cruise as Belle and Jeff Bridges as Beast
  • Little Mermaid – Queen Latifah as Ursula the Sea Witch

You can see the new ads and some behind the scenes info here: Disney Parks Unveils New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portraits « Disney Parks Blog.

She also did a similar set in 2008 for the “Year of a Million Dreams” Campaign when she shot the following:

  • Aladdin – Jennifer Lopez as Princess Jasmin, Marc Anthony as Aladdin, and Whoopie Goldberg as The Genie
  • Pocahontas – Jessica Biel as Pocahontas
  • Sleeping Beauty – David Beckham as Prince Phillip
  • Alice in Wonderland – Beyonce as Alice, Oliver Platt as the Mad Hatter, and Lyle Lovett as the March Hare
  • Cinderella – Scarlet Johanson as Cinderella

What celebrity would you like to see cast in a Disney Dream Portrait?


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