Commuting with The Croc Lady

I have a 40 minute commute to work every morning. I take the train, so with the exception of having to stick to a schedule, it isn’t too bad. I can sleep, read, listen to my iPod, or catch up on my emails. The worst part of my commute is the 5-10 minutes of waiting on the platform.

I like to get to the platform early. Not rushing helps me start my day on a peaceful note. It also ensures that there is space on the platform to safely walk; It can get crowded and then you have to walk on the bright yellow bumpy part close to the edge. I have this vision that one day I am going to walk on that bumpy part, trip, and fall on to the tracks as the train pulls in… but I digress.

So I stand patiently in the same spot each morning waiting for the train. Sometimes I’m enjoying my coffee from Red Barn Bakery. Some times I’m texting friends that also commute to see if they are taking my train. Sometimes I’m giving myself an internal pep talk to help get ready for a busy day. Sometimes I am just zoned out. But, most of the time, I am watching all the other commuters walking past me on the platform. That is where I first spotted her…

“The Croc Lady”

The Croc Lady

The Croc Lady is a woman on my train, who I am absolutely fascinated with. The Croc Lady is probably in her mid 40’s. She is about 5′ 9″ maybe 5′ 10″. She is a larger woman, mainly due to her height (and a bit of junk in her trunk…no judgement I’m just trying to give you an image). She usually wears black pants and some sort of very basic top, be it a t-shirt, a sweater, a turtleneck, or once I saw her in a twin set. Besides the fact that she has the gall to cut in front of me on the platform to get ‘her seat’ (I really hate that, there are plenty of seats for everyone), the thing that fascinates me about The Croc Lady is that she is always wearing Croc shoes. It’s the weirdest thing.

I’m on my way to work in my fall boots, she’s wearing black and red Mickey Mouse Crocs (the photo doesn’t show well but the holes, are actually shaped like Mickey Mouse). I’m wearing heels, she’s got Micky Mouse Crocs. I’m wearing a knee-length down coat, earmuffs, and toasty Ugg boots, she is STILL wearing the crocs…plastic shoes with holes in them in 30 degree weather!

These are the Mickey Mouse Crocs (Sorry about the poor quality)

I was starting to get worried that with all the cold weather and snow that her toes would get frostbite at snap off! Thankfully, I saw her again and she didn’t have the plastic clogs on. She had these:

Yes, they are Croc Sneakers, and yes, I took this from under the seat behind her... very James Bond 007 of me

When I spot her during my commutes, I post it on facebook. She has developed a bit of a following amongst my friends. They all want to know more about this mystery woman with the plastic shoes.

  • What does she do?
  • Where is she going?
  • Does she work for Crocs?
  • Does she have a foot ailment that makes it impossible to wear any other type of shoe?
I just don’t know, I just don’t know.
Do you commute with anyone as interesting as The Croc Lady?

Although I think they are absolutely hideous, Crocs are supposed to be comfortable enough to run a marathon in.
I’ll take his word for it

However, I read on The Shoe Expert that now that the Crocs company is back in the black, they are launching some new styles. I visited their website and (I can’t believe I am typing this) they actually have a few really cute styles for spring/summer. Maybe The Croc Lady will switch over to a Sexi Sling Back or the Adina Flat
What are your thoughts on Crocs? (New styles or the tried and true clog)

6 thoughts on “Commuting with The Croc Lady”

  1. I hate Crocs. Uglier than Uggs (the second ugliest shoes/boots in the Universe).

    BTW, I’m amazed at how clean the floor on the train was.

  2. I would very much have liked to see you climbing under your seat to take the pic of the croc sneakers. No, actually the visual is good enough!

  3. just be thankfull that you dont live in Florida….where the weather allows people to wear crocs 365 days a year!!!! YUCK!!!!!

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