The straw that makes a Camelbak….

Super excited to read on The Healthy Apron, that Camelbak has come up with a  water bottle that now contains a straw that filters! The Groove!

Ok Ok, let me back up a second… I am sure you are saying to yourself, Souzapalooza, what the heck are you talking about? what is a “camel back”? Are you marking off things on your bucket list again (Riding a camel in on there #33).

Camelbak is a company that makes hydration products. They actually created a backpack device to athletes, hikers, ect that you carry water in. It is an amazing product. To cater to the average Joe (and Jane), they have a line of  water bottles, because I don’t know about you, but coming to work with a back pack full of water seems a bit cumbersome. California based Pepperdine University actually did a study that proved that by using a Camelbak bottle with their Bite Valve actually increased water consumption 24% than people who used disposable bottles, and up to 18% over those who used other types of reusable water bottles.

I have a Camelbak on my desk at work, and I have one at home that I take with me when I got walking. The problem is that once I am walking, and I have drunk my 24oz of water from my house, if I want to refill, I have to use random water from fountains on my walk. Now I like to think everything is fine and dandy, but I have no idea what is going on in those pipes. I know it seems silly, and I am sure things just as bad are going on in my pipes. The idea of having a filter in th bottle, just gives me a tiny little bit of comfort that I wont die of dysentery.

So, if you are like me (slight paranoid but in desperate need of hydration) check out The Healthy Apron. She has three up for grabs and multiple ways to enter to win one. While you are there, check out some of her recipies! The Carrot, Raisin, Wheatberry Salad is excellent!


5 thoughts on “The straw that makes a Camelbak….”

    1. Me too! My friend just told me about “Sassy Water”. Do you know about this? You add sliced cucumber, sliced lemon, a tsp of ginger, and 12 mint leaves to 2 liters of water, leave it over night and drink it the following day. It is supposed to help you get a flat belly (I don’t know about that!) but it is surprisingly refreshing if you want a little zing 😉

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