Baking ’till the cows come home – The Red Barn Bakery

Red Barn LabelAnyone who has been reading this blog knows that I have been working very hard to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise more. I have been very successful over the past 7 months, loosing a whopping 26 lbs. Quite the accomplishment for anyone. Even though I am constantly working on making healthy eating choices, I will not deny myself either. If I want something that might throw off my healthy eating (that usually translates to something sweet and dessert like), I try to compensate for it with more exercise or a better choice at my next meal. This plan has been working well, but the universe definitely likes to keep me on my toes, and it has with the introduction of the Red Barn Bakery.

Red Barn Bakery
Red Barn Bakery - 4 S. Astor Street, Irvington NY

The Red Barn Bakery opened  at 4 S. Astor Street in Irvington NY, only a stones throw away from the Irvington Metro North Station. Now due to my lack of will power in the sweets department, I try to stay away from locations with the word “bakery” in their name, however I do like to support local businesses. I am so glad I support this one!

The Red Barn Bakery is a 100% organic bakery that uses local ingredients when ever possible. It started in an actual red barn behind Owner and Culinary Goddess (my title for her), Randell Dodge’s Bedford home. Red Barn’s products are featured at Mt Kisco Seafood, Bedford Gourmet, Whole Foods’ White Plains location, and now in Ms. Dodge’s very own Irvington based bakery.

I have gone in for morning coffee (Red Barn Bakery proudly serves Higher Ground Coffee) and have fallen in love with their breakfast cookie. My mom always told me that I was not allowed to have cookies for breakfast (not even that Cookie Crisp cereal). I think she would approve of this one though. The cookie has raisins, almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut, dried papaya, and dried mangos.  It is a very hearty cookie! I often offer half of it to my co-worker because I know I won’t be able to finish it! I have also tried the chocolate chip cookies, the morning-glory muffins and the chocolate pecan biscotti, all that have been incredible. The best part about going in to the bakery is that Ms. Dodge has little sample cups out so you can have a taste before buying. (That is how I walked out with a bag of chocolate pecan biscotti the other day!) There are savory options as well. The other morning, the Roasted Beet tart was on display. It is a work of art to look at, I can’t imagine how good it must taste. They also have cheddar and olive biscuits in the morning, I just haven’t tried them yet.

Apple Galette - Almost too pretty to eat, ALMOST!
I ordered an Apple Galette this weekend. (A galette is similar to a pie but it has a free formed crust – It’s ok I didn’t know either) I was going to bring it visiting this weekend, but my plans changed so I brought it over to my mom’s house for dessert. When I picked it up from the bakery, it was still warm. I wish the internet came with a scratch and sniff option because I can not possibly describe the amazing aroma that was emanating from the big brown box it came in. The smell filled my kitchen all afternoon and I had to resist the temptation to sneak a piece of apple off the top. 

A nice warm slice ready for me!
Doesn't that look tasty!

After dinner, we heated up the galette and paired it with some vanilla ice cream. I enjoyed mine with out ice cream, since I have given it up for Lent, but even on it’s own the galette was fabulous. My mom couldn’t stop raving about the light flaky crust that encased the juicy chunks of apple warm inside. It was quite the hit with everyone.

My Stepdad waiting patiently to try the galette... (I made him take three pictures before he could eat!)

For those of you who can not make it to Irvington, cookies (including the breakfast cookie I raved about) are available to order thru the Red Barn Bakery Website

To learn more about Ms. Dodge and the Red Barn Bakery, here are some additional articles:

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2 thoughts on “Baking ’till the cows come home – The Red Barn Bakery”

  1. I love this place. They supplied the sweets for the Eileen Fisher event on Saturday and I noticed people going back for more. You should have come to the event, it was fun.

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