Visual Motivators – What are YOUR thoughts?

Photo Frame Scale Guarantees You’ll Never Weigh Yourself Naked Again | The Stir. I saw this article on “The Stir” and felt the need to discuss it. (No, I don’t have kids, but I do read The Stir which is a Cafe Mom blog. They have really great articles on healthy living as well as pop culture, so give it a try before you question my reading selections)

Jeanne Sager gives a very humorous point of view regarding a new scale available in Japan, called “The Photo Frame Scale”. Basically, it is a scale that provides a place to insert a photo. Ms. Sager is opposed to the scale, believing that it would give off the feeling of being judged when using it. I can completely understand her point of view. On the weeks I would gain when I was participating in Weight Watchers, I always had that feeling of being judged by the WW employee doing the recording. I am sure they could care less what my weight was, but the mind can play tricks sometimes.

My thoughts on the scale were a bit different. Marketers chose to include a photo of a baby in a bathtub as the example in their product photo. Personally, I think that their photo choice is just plain weird. However, if they marketed this item with a different picture, it could actually be a very useful tool.

Think about this – What if when you stepped on the scale, you were stepping on to a photo of :

  • You when you were a healthier weight
  • You completing a goal (like crossing a finish line or atop a mountain after a hike)
  • The bikini that you want to order for your summer vacation
  • The dress you want to wear to your friend’s wedding
  • You at an unhealthy weight as a reminder that you don’t want to go back to it
  • An inspirational friend, mentor, or celebrity whose fitness goals you hope to emulate

Wouldn’t you be more motivated to stick to healthy habits if you saw one of those things when you stepped on the scale?

In my kitchen, I have a cork board that has photos of me the day I before I started Weight Watchers and what I looked liked a year (and 19 lbs) later. I use these as a visual reminder of what I am capable of. In addition, I have some inspirational quotes and cartoons, as well a picture of Drew Barrymore at a Calvin Klein party during 2007 Fashion Week after she lost 30 lbs.

Drew Barrymore @ Calvin Klein 2007 Fashion Pary (photo via

I use these all as motivators so when I go to reach for a snack, I stop and think, “How am I going to look smokin’ hot like Drew, if I have a cookie? I can make a healthier choice”.

What are your thoughts on this scale and what do you use to motivate you towards your weight loss goals?


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