Maybe I’m ‘Half Crazy’ too

I’m starting to think that reading my class mate’s blog, Half Crazy, is making me half crazy too! I have decided that I am signing up to run the Rock-N-Roll 1/2 Marathon in Philadelphia, PA.

Now, for the record, I have never ran a marathon, 1/2 marathon, 10K, 5K, or even a Turkey Trot in my entire life. I don’t even think I finished that President’s Fitness Run we had to do in gym class.  So why on earth am I going to attempt to run 13.1 miles through the city of brotherly love?

  • Training for this 1/2 marathon will keep me on track with my exercise and (hopefully) weight loss goals
  • According to the map on their website, the finish line might be the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so if I have ANY energy left at the end of 13.1miles, I can do a celebratory ‘Rocky climb”

  • Two Words – Bret Michaels – Bret is the official 2011 Post-Race Concert Headliner. I adore Bret, his music, his reality shows, his support for the troops and his fight against diabetes. Even though I have front row tickets to see him next week, I feel like seeing him after completing 13 miles would be so much more rewarding!

    LH, Bret Michaels, & I - The Pool at Harrah's Atlantic City - 2008
  • Training will give me more stats on my Nike+ which I am totally obsessed with. I have to figure out a way to get them posted some where on my blog for all of you to see.
  • Participating in a race was on my 2011 To Do list. I was leaning more towards a Turkey Trot when I wrote it but, things change and you’ve gotta roll with it.
  • BECAUSE I CAN! I have a strong heart, two healthy lungs, and a pair of feet that can take me where I want to go. I’ve sat on my couch watching other people for far too long. I don’t want to let my body go to waste.

If anyone is interested in participating with me, let me know!


6 thoughts on “Maybe I’m ‘Half Crazy’ too”

  1. My first thought after reading this was “Bret Michaels? Rocky reinactment? I haven’t been to Philadelphia since my 7th grade field trip… I’m in!”
    But I have done 5, 10, and 12k’s (walking); and I was in much better shape then. If I want to do a half marathon I should probably start with the one that I don’t have to fly across the country for, but sadly without Bret or Rocky. 🙂

    1. Are you going to do it? That would be awesome! It would be another step closer to your goals and something to blog on!!
      Plus, according to the article from (link is above) Bret signed up for the whole series, so maybe he will be in San Jose too!

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