Three Cheers for Beers!

Enjoying a Glass of Guinness (l-r: LH, Guinness, Me, D1)

My friend LH* and I have an annual tradition of attending the Atlantic City Celebration of Suds. The Celebration of Suds is basically an indoor Oktoberfest that exhibits beers and ciders as well as music, food, and exhibitors. It has been going on for 6 years; we have been to the past four. This year, we invited our friend D1* to come join in on the fun. (*I used their nicknames to protect their identities. LH did say she would love to be the star of my blog, but that was after quite a few adult beverages, so just incase she feels differently today, I’m sticking with her nickname.)

We headed down Friday evening and checked in to out room at the Tropicana Casino and Resort. (You will be seeing another post about our experience at the Trop later this week.) After getting freshened up, we enjoyed dinner and mojitos at Cuba Libre. After dinner, we enjoyed a cocktail at Tango’s Lounge, where we caught the end of 2011 Reader’s Choice Award Winner for Best Lounge Act, Beth Tinnon. Since we knew that Saturday was going to be a long day, we turned in early to be well rested for Beerfest. Saturday morning we got ready, strung together our pretzel necklaces (incase we get hungry), and headed down to the Seaside Cafe for a hearty breakfast (egg white omlettes for everyone!). Then we were of to the AC Convention Center for the Celebration of Suds.

According to, the AC Celebration of Suds has tripled in attendance numbers since its start in 2005, which is very impressive. I would like to explain that this event isn’t just a bunch of frat guys looking to get loaded on a Saturday afternoon. Sure, there are some people who get dressed up or make it a “team outing”.

"Drinking" Team USA at Beerfest
Yeah, we wear funny headgear too! (L-R me, LH, D1, and a few of our other friends who were at Beerfest)
Big Pimpin' at Beerfest

For the most part, the beerfest is an opportunity to sample different beers and ciders that you wouldn’t order in a bar, or purchase at your local distributor, simply because you just don’t know if you’d like them. Although some of the larger breweries are represented, for the most part the event gives the craft brewers the opportunity to showcase their product and educate the masses on the finer points of brewing.

Two of our favorites this year were both in the Hard Cider category. First, a tried and true favorite for the past few years, Original Sin Hard Cider. LH & I love this cider, and we may have converted D1 to a sinner as well! It comes in both Pear and Apple flavors and has a really refreshing taste. It isn’t overly sweet like other ciders. Plus, they have the most amazing collection of promotional pin-up girl posters designed by artist R. Black

Original Sin Posters by R.Black

Our other top pick was Fox Barrel’s Pear Cider. This cider is created in California, and is just making it’s way to the Jersey area. This cider tastes like biting right in to a fresh picked pear. It is smooth, and lacks that bitter bite that some ciders can have. Be on the look out for this cider.

Fox Barrel Pear Cider - Delish!

Of course, drinking for four hours is going to give you a buzz no matter how well you pace your self, and can lead to some strange things, especially in Atlantic City! But that story will be for another day…


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