Random Thought for Monday Morning….

Monday mornings, we get free bagels and fruit for breakfast in my office. Usually I try to keep breakfast light on the carbs however, my Monday morning bagel is my one breakfast indulgence for the week. It is free and usually keeps me full well past lunch time. (Thanks Corporate Office!).

Anyway, I happen to be a fan of bagels with seeds. Poppy, sesame, and especially everything (obviously!). I don’t discriminate, except for fennel seeds like in rye bread, just not a fan of those. I was wondering, why is it that only one side of the bagel has seeds on it? I am sure it has something to do with them burning when baking, but wouldn’t it great if there was equal seed distribution to all sides of the bagel? Can we get someone to work on this plight of the seeded bagel lover?

My Monday morning bagel. You can't tell from this picture but all the seeds are on the bottom half.

Just another random thought from Souzapalooza!

PS – If you could let me know if I have any poppy seeds in my teeth, I’d appreciate it! 🙂


One thought on “Random Thought for Monday Morning….”

  1. We had Bagel Friday’s at one of the companies I worked for. They included everyone in the division and it was great to have everyone come by for a quick hello and sharing of plans for the weekend. I missed those gatherings after I left the company. Maybe some day I can start a Monday bagel meet up like yours. Cheers!

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