Spring of Souzapalooza

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Spring officially started on March 20, 2010 at 7:21pm EDT. Spring is associated with rebirth and renewal. We shake off the dark, dusty remains of the winter, and start anew. The sun stays out longer, the weather starts getting warmer, flowers start to bloom, and animals come out of hibernation.

I once again declare the start of…

The Spring of Souzapalooza!

I started the Spring of Souzapalooza movement in 2005. At this time of my life, things were not going well, I had been in a negative state of mind and felt like everything I attempted to do was a challenge.

Inspired by two different Seinfeld episodes, “The Opposite Episode” and “The Summer of George“, I decided to make a change. My negative mindset was starting getting me down and I needed to get out of the funk. Like George Costanza, I had come to the realization that my way of doing things wasn’t working, so like George, I decided to do the opposite.

George’s opposite behavior ends up landing him a job working for the New York Yankees. I ended up trying new things, meeting new people, and started feeling better about myself and my situation. I proclaimed this time period, The Spring of Souzapalooza,  just like The Summer of George, when George gets a three month’s severance pacakge from the Yankee organization and decides to “really do something”.

This year, I will continue to be focused on my healthy habits, as well as trying new things. I just bought a language program, in an attempt to learn Italian. I also plan on taking my camera out and practicing my techniques.

I encourage everyone to embrace this start of Spring and look forward to the warmer times ahead. Take the time to identify changes you want to make or things you want to try, and declare the Season Of YOU!


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