Goals – Revisted

Back on Halloween, I added a post called “Goals“.  (Reading and reflecting on the post, I realize they really weren’t goals, but healthy habits I wanted to establish, but I digress…) I listed three “goals” that I wanted to attempt during the holiday season.  I have actually been somewhat successful at maintaining some of these habits. Here is an update on how I have been doing:

I will write down everything that I eat.

I upgraded from a notebook to a great app called “Lose It”. If you do not have an “iSomething“, you can use the program directly on their website – www.loseit.com. I definitely recommend this tool as a quick and easy way to track what you are eating. If you are diligent in your record keeping, it will help you lose. Don’t believe me? Check out the journey of my twitter friend RETROACTIV_ on his website

Lose It is primarily calorie focused. It helps you figure out how many calories you need to consume in order to reach your goal weight. When you log your food, the app provides corresponding calorie values. When you log your exercises,  Lose It subtracts the calories you burned from the amount you consumed to provide your net calorie count for the day. It isn’t perfect, but it provides a general idea of my daily calorie intake. Using it, I am aware of how many calories I am eating, so I can make smarter choices to stay with in my calorie budget.

One of the nice things about the program, is the social component. You can invite friends to join in and you can see how everyone is doing against their goals, in a noninvasive way. For example, no one can see what my daily calorie goal is, but they get updates such as “Souzapalooza finished Thu, Mar 17th, 184 calories under budget” or “Souzapalooza spent 50 minutes running. 481 calories burned.” Friends can cheer on accomplishments or provide encouragement on days that don’t go so well on. You can also broadcast to social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, if you choose.

I will go to the gym at least three times a week

Sadly, this goal was some what of a challenge for me, until recently. Between work, school, and holidays, getting to the gym three times a week between November and December was next to impossible! I decided that I would start Mid-Jan 2011 with the Gym x 3 goal. I know, you are asking, “Why Mid-Jan? Why didn’t you start Jan 1st like most people?”

Souzapalooza’s MLK Gym Plan.

For most people, their New Year’s resolution is to lose weight; so they resolve to hit the gym. Now, I totally support everyone who wants to start taking better care of their body, unfortunately, the side effect of this new year’s influx is a busy gym, limited machines, and a crowded locker room. Rather than battle the resolutionists, I take the first two weeks of January off. I believe, most people lose interest in their workouts after the first two weeks in January because of Martin Luther King Day. In my observations, Monday is the most popular day at the gym;  people want to start their week off right, resulting in a highly populated gym. The third Monday of January is when MLK Day is observed; many people receive the day off. This day off, disrupts the usual Monday routine newbies are trying to establish and ends up causing the less-dedicated to fall off the exercise wagon. This is my point of gym re-entry. Most people realize that the newbies are gone by February, but if I go with out the gym that long, I will be come another lost gym soul just like them!

This year, the continual pounding of snow that the Northeast took, really disrupted my gym schedule. (It was enough of a workout commuting in to the city, with my work laptop in tow, so I would often leave the gym bag home.) Now that the weather is getting better, I have been able to go to the gym more frequently which has really been helping my energy levels and waist line!

I will wear my pedometer (when I can attach it to my outfit)

My pedometer’s battery died. It is one of those round batteries that has letters and numbers that you have to buy at Radio Shack or some other electronics store that asks for your zip code before you can give them money. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Better than my pedometer, I treated myself to Nike+. If you don’t know anything about this program, here is a quick tutorial about it from YouTube.

The Nike Website has a 4 minute detailed video explaining the whole program. It is a very cool program. The technology is amazing. It totally motivates me to run farther and faster (or at least attempt to!). The iPhone and certain iPods are coming with this app preinstalled, but in order for it to work, you have to have the sneakers and sensor. I was telling a good friend of mine about it, and she said that she tried using the app but it wasn’t working; she doesn’t own the sneakers.

If you are already a Nike+ user, feel free to add me as a friend. My user name is Souzapalooza (What else would it be!?!?)

As of today, I have lost 24 lbs. since September 2010. I still have a way to go, but I hope by keeping up with these healthy habits, I will reach my weight loss goals.


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