Battle of the Blog-platforms





After some testing (and a bit of turmoil), I have decided to stick with my WordPress account for my class “Building Brands: Blogs—The New Website“, as opposed to converting to Google’s platform, Blogger. Why you may ask? Here were the pros & cons that helped me decide to stick to WordPress:

  • I tested out Blogger, and although I had a little trouble setting it up at first (see the next bullet) once I started it was quick to post, upload, and link things. However, I think that Blogger lacks the professional look and feel I get from WordPress.
  • My signature nickname was TAKEN! Yes, if you can believe it, there is another “Souzapalooza” in the universe! Ms. Jessica Souza of Biloxi Mississippi, is Souzapalooza on Google’s Blogger. She keeps our country safe, and protects our freedom of speech (and blogging), by being an active member of the United States Air Force, which she documents via Blogger.
  • WordPress has a free iPhone app. I don’t know how much blogging I will be doing from my phone, but it is nice to have the option incase inspiration stikes.
  • Most of the bloggers I follow, use WordPress. These are people who’s blogging I find interesting and insightful. If it works for them, it should work for me.

So please, keep on following me and the posts that come from my questions, comments, complaints and juicy tidbits of gossip here on WordPress!


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